Welcome to the City of Dryden, Ontario, Canada

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Natural Abundance - Dryden Offers It All

The Town of Dryden incorporated in 1910. It expanded its boundaries several times before amalgamating with the neighbouring Township of Barclay, to form the new "City of Dryden" on January 1, 1998. Dryden is centrally located in the southern half of the Patricia Region, for which it serves as a hub. Being easily accessible on the Trans-Canada Highway and the CPR rail line, Dryden also has an excellent airport with a 6,000-foot runway. Located at the end of Highway 502 from Fort Frances, a direct link to the USA (Minnesota), the city is the dividing point between traffic going up Highway 105 to Ear Falls and Red Lake and traffic traveling up Highway 72 to Sioux Lookout and beyond. The steady increase in traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway along with Dryden's position midway between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay has resulted in a very large commercial sector serving local citizens and visitors. Tourism is now a large and stable industry, adding dimension to Dryden's quality of life.

The City is home to many hotels and motels, campgrounds, trailer parks and also has a wide variety of restaurants from fast food to refined dining. The community is also able to meet your shopping needs with specialty gift shops to major department stores. Cradled in the vast Northwestern forest, Dryden offers both visitors and residents a strong retail and service sector, with a full-service airport, a healthcare centre, good educational facilities, and over 200 active clubs and organizations.

Proudly standing at the tourist information centre, Maximillian Moose presides over the community. In honour of his ancestors, cousins, and friends of the wilderness, this burly beast, with head raised, captures the spirit of Sunset Country and a city that offers "everything under the sun". 

Places to Stay and Things to Do Dryden

Facts about Dryden

Population: 7616 (approx.)

Distances to Nearest Towns: 
Dryden to Vermilion Bay - 45 km (28 miles) 
Dryden to Sioux Lookout - 95 km (60 miles) 
Dryden to Ignace - 105 km (65 miles) 
Dryden to Kenora - 140 km (85 miles) 
Dryden to Atikokan - 280 km (175 miles)

Visitor Information Centre: 
Pose with "Max the Moose", get maps and brochures, or browse the local art gallery open all year long. Our knowledgeable Travel Counselors are here to assist you with your travel plans from May long weekend to September long weekend. For more information visit www.dryden.ca, call 1-800-667-0935, or email [email protected] for year-round assistance