It's starting to melt!
Erin Rody
By Erin Rody

Staff Writer for Ontario's Sunset Country

Last Updated: May 19, 2020

The ice is going out fairly early this year in Ontario's Sunset Country. Even though it seemed like we had a colder than normal Spring, the ice was not as thick as it often is, as we had a fairly warm winter. Last Fall we had really high water. This Spring, the lakes look pretty low. 

Here are a few updates from some of the lodges and communities:


The bay in front of Mylie's Place Resort on Lake of the Woods is clear of ice as of April 27, 2020.

Mylie's Place Ice out 2020

Morson Tourism posted that the ice is almost gone between Morson and Dawson Island on April 27, 2020.

Morson, Ontario Ice Out


Sunset Cove Resort in Nestor Falls is showing lots of opening water in their bay on Lake of the Woods!


This beautiful sunrise photo from Tomahawk Resort on Lake of the Woods shows the ice has started melting. The resort reports, "The north shorelines and back bays are starting to show a little more open water, and have given an area for the ducks and geese to start swimming in." 

Tomahawk Resort sunrise over Lake of the Woods


Silver Lake, a lake just north of Kenora, is seeing a lot of open water near the shorelines!

Silver Lake 2020


The landing at Eagle Lake Island Lodge is showing some melt as of April 28th. The ice is starting to get darker.

Eagle Lake Island Lodge landing


Bonny Bay Camp states that the last two years, ice has gone out on Wabigoon on May 9th. Do you think it'll go out before then this year? Here's what the ice looks like on April 27th.

Bonny Bay on Wabigoon Lake


Fisherman's Cove on Lac Seul was showing some black ice on April 26th! It won't be long now. 

Fisherman's Cove on Lac Seul


Cozy Camp is situated on the English River system near Ignace. On April 23, they were able to go for a short boat ride and saw these guys! The snow should pretty much be gone now.

Cozy Camp on English River


Fireside Lodge on Little Vermilion Lake near Sioux Lookout is certainly showing signs of Spring! 

Fireside Lodge in Sioux Lookout

The folks at Lac Seul Floating Lodges having fun exploring Lac Seul! Click on the photo to see more fun photos. 


Red Lake is the farthest north community on Highway 105. On April 25th, Keith Graber updated the ice conditions on Howey Bay. There was still 26" of ice. On April 28th, Keith states "This heat has really started taking some ice away. The top several inches have honeycombed and there are some holes showing up on the reefs. 22”. 

Ice out on Howey Bay 2020

That's just a sample of our lakes in Sunset Country! Do you have an ice update of your own lake in Northwest Ontario? Fell free to post on our Facebook page at facebook.com/SunsetCountry or tag us on Instagram @sunset_country.

Fingers crossed we can all enjoy the lakes this summer!