As of 2019 there are two additional license-free fishing periods in Ontario for Canadian residents!
Alyssa Lloyd
By Alyssa Lloyd

Alyssa is a photojournalist and angler based out of Kenora, Ontario.

Last Updated: June 3, 2019

If you are a resident of Canada, not just Ontario, you are permitted to fish in Ontario on select dates throughout the year. There are many benefits of these license-free periods, such as bringing your child fishing if you yourself don’t have a license or introducing an adult to the sport of fishing. Read below to find out more on the license-free dates! 


As of 2019, there are more license-free dates so people new to angling can experience fishing in the winter, summer and now spring. 

The Ontario Government now offers two additional license-free dates, Mother’s Day weekend, and Father’s Day weekend. There are now four separate dates and occasions to fish license-free in Ontario as a Canadian resident. Including one full week at the end of June, beginning of July. 


Those visiting Sunset Country from Manitoba, other provinces and within Ontario itself should consider this an excellent time to come to explore our waterways and just possibly, help introduce the next generation to fishing. 

It’s also a wonderful time for locals to get out and take advantage of their fishing opportunities with friends and families. Check out a list of Winter Festivals by clicking this sentence.



License-free dates do not mean regulation-free. You must abide by all regulations in the 2019 Fishing Regulations Summary. This includes obeying slot sizes and limits, practicing catch and release when necessary and avoiding fishing sanctuaries. Closed fishing seasons also remain closed during the license-free dates. 

If you’re fishing in Ontario outside of the time periods listed above, and you are between the ages of 18-64 you must buy a fishing license and Outdoors Card to fish in Ontario. As of 2019 Canadian Veterans can fish for free in Ontario.


The Family Day long weekend is fast approaching, if you'd like to take a trip to Ontario's Sunset Country for ice fishing, but aren't sure where to head or who to stay with, feel free to email us at info@visitsunsetcountry.com or call our office between Monday-Friday toll-free at 1-800-665-7567. 

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