Remote muskie opportunities to experience at least once in a lifetime
Alyssa Lloyd
By Alyssa Lloyd

Alyssa is a photojournalist and angler based out of Kenora, Ontario.

Last Updated: August 8, 2019

Muskie Madness

Muskie anglers are a different breed of anglers. 

Willfull, determined, focused, all of these - are just other words for stubborn really. And that's what we are. We love our muskies and everything about them, the chase, the fight, the grueling hours spent on the water, and the muscle aches to show for it.

But what muskie anglers love more than anything, is the lack of competition. When you come up to Canada to fish for muskies, there are very few other folks tossing foot-long baits that come crashing into the water. The pressure just isn't here for muskie fishing, and we couldn't be happier about that. 

The beautiful thing about Sunset Country is that there are opportunities to fly into lakes for muskies for even less fishing pressure. You've heard of walleye and northern pike fly-ins, but there are lakes out there, some without any other cabin on it, just waiting to be fished. The best thing about fly-in trips is certainly the privacy and the adventure aspect of it, flying into a remote lake, cooking meals with your friends and family in a cozy cabin, waking up to the lake all to yourself. The second best thing is although you may have flown in for muskies, you can expand your horizons for a multi-species slam fest on waters that are only fished three months out of the entire year. 

As a fly angler, nothing gets me more stoked than the thought of tossing flies towards a fish that's hardly ever seen bait before, let alone gigantic flowing flies that look like the best thing since sliced bread to naive muskies. And that's why this year, I'll be doing one of these fly-in trips of a lifetime to help me check off my angling bucket list. 

Lodges that Offer Fly-In Muskie Lakes

Barker Bay Resort and Outpost - Lower Manitou Lake 

Gateway North Outfitters - Grant Lake Outpost 

Northwest Flying Inc. - Kishkutena Lake Outpost 

Canadian Fly-In Outposts - Meggisi Lake Outpost 

Anderson's Lodge - Lac Seul Fly-In Outposts

Green Island Lodge - Upper Manitou Lake 

Alexander's on Rowan - Rowan Lake 

Pickerel Arm Camp - Tuktegweik Bay on Lac Seul 

Young's Wilderness - Kishkutena Lake Outpost 

Wilderness Air Escapes - Confusion Lake Outpost

Maynard Lake Lodge - Maynard Lake on the English River System 

Canada Outfitters - Unexpected Lake Outpost 

Kelly's Castaway - Kishkutena Lake Outpost

Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge - Yoke Lake

Nestor Falls Fly-In - Kay Lake: Kay Island Outpost and Kay Bay Outpost 

Delaney Lake Lodge - Delaney Lake and English River System 

Fletcher Lake Lodge - Fletcher Lake 

Fly-In Tips

  • Check what weight limit you're allowed to bring 
  • Only pack necessities 
  • Pack gear that can break down, for example two to four piece rods 
  • Schedule your fly-ins and outs to equal half days, not full (call lodge you choose to clarify) 
  • Do some research on what tackle works on the lake
  • Pack small amount of gear for multi-species to spice it up a bit (bass, walleye) 
  • Have fun! 

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