Houseboat Rentals in Ontario, Canada

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Houseboating Trips in Sunset Country

Are you looking for a houseboat vacation? Ontario's Sunset Country has over 70,000 lakes, including Lac Seul, Lake of the Woods, Eagle Lake, Dog Lake and Rainy Lake, making it one of the best places in Canada to enjoy houseboating.

Northwestern Ontario is a boater's paradise. Imagine yourself out on a lake, the sun is shining, the sky is an amazing blue and the wilderness landscape surrounding you is simply breathtaking. Perhaps there is an eagle soaring overhead or you've spotted a majestic moose wading along the shoreline. Experience a unique vacation this year and rent a houseboat. 
These "Floating Lodges" are an excellent choice for a family vacation or for groups of friends who want to enjoy Canada's wilderness beauty. In addition to cruising on one of these lakes, a houseboat vacation is a great way to enjoy wildlife viewing, fishing or even hunting. You can go ashore and hike, picnic or enjoy a sandy beach that is occupied by only you and the members of your group. Imagine fishing right out your own back door!

For anyone who has tried a houseboat, you already know the feeling of freedom and privacy these vessels offer. Cruise huge lakes with countless islands and quiet bays. Find a spot where you can relax in total privacy. Sunbathe on the top deck or jump off the boat and take a dip in a clean Northern Ontario lake. In the evening, take out the smaller fishing boat and catch tomorrow morning's breakfast of fresh walleye. Other angling options include muskie, northern pike, perch, crappie, bass or lake trout.

Use your houseboat and become a modern day explorer. Venture into remote areas on the lake and see wildlife in its natural habitat. Loons, pelicans, otter and beaver may swim alongside your boat. If you're lucky, you may get a glimpse of a moose cow and her calf, a black bear, timber wolf or whitetail deer walking along the shoreline. Make sure you bring your camera so you can take pictures to show friends and family back home.

The houseboats themselves are like a modern, fully equipped housekeeping cabin - the only difference is it's a cabin that floats! Depending on the size of the boat, you'll enjoy comfortable sleeping quarters, three-piece bathrooms, a dining area and much more. These boats are equipped with modern GPS navigation equipment, lake charts, and two-way radios so you can never get lost. Your houseboat outfitter will make a lake run at least once during your trip to re-stock you with any supplies you may need. Talk about customer service!

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