Lac Seul, Ontario, Canada

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Lac Seul on the English River System

Lac Seul is a crescent shaped reservoir approximately 150 miles long, first flooded in 1935. It is the second largest body of water entirely within the province of Ontario. The lake consists of open water, bays, natural channels and islands. It is a relatively shallow lake with many rocky shoals. This provides good habitat for walleye and northern pike. Lac Seul is noted for the remote wilderness character it offers as well as some of the best fishing in Ontario. Other fish species found in Lac Seul are muskie, yellow perch, whitefish and the occasional bass.

Lac Seul is located on the former lake bed of glacial Lake Agassiz. Due to this previous lake, much of the bottom of the lake is covered with thick deposits of lacustrine silts and varved clay of varying thickness. The water of Lac Seul is tea colored. Because of the color of its water, it provides excellent walleye and northern pike angling throughout the day. Lac Seul offers some of the finest of trophy northern pike and walleye fishing as well as 50-inch muskie. It also provides the feeling of the vast, practically untouched wilderness to all who visit.

Some Facts About Lac Seul

  • Location and Size Lac Seul runs west-east between Ear Falls and Sioux Lookout-Hudson. At 150 miles across and with a surface area of 560 square miles, it's immense.
  • Catch Fish Like Crazy Lac Seul is legendary for the quality of walleye fishing it offers. There are so many walleye in the lake they can be caught virtually any time in any place. Also catch pike, bass and huge muskie on the east end of the lake.
  • Did You Know... Lac Seul is a reservoir of the English River and feeds the power generating station at Ear Falls on the west end of the lake.

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