Perch Fishing in Ontario, Canada

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Perch fishing in Sunset Country, Canada

Another tasty (and plentiful) member of the sunfish family that we can offer you are perch. These fish are easy to catch and a delight to eat. Like crappie, the big perch can approach 3 pounds and if you want to catch a lot of them, stick to shallow water and try jigging with live bait. Perch love the weeds so if you can endure the occasional cluster of cabbage you'll inevitably hook into, there are some big perch swimming about and you are likely to catch one.

Jumbo perch fishing in Ontario Canada

Perch Fishing Tips:

Ultimately perch are ambush predators so look for good cover and fish there. The lily pad lines are amongst the best places to catch perch on our Canadian Shield lakes. use a worm over a minnow.

See below for a list of outfitters offering perch fishing trips.

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