Family Vacations in Ontario's Sunset Country

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Take a Family Vacation in Ontario

While many people come to Ontario's Sunset Country to fish, there's so much else to do. The kids will certainly like fishing and all the many watersports on our crystal clear lakes! Rainy day? Bring them into town for some family fun and visit a museum or interpretive centre or go shopping to find that perfect souvenir. On sunny days, take the kids to the public beaches, and cool off at a splash pad. Stay in a resort that caters to families and then enjoy family-friendly activities.

Your child will love fishing

When your kids visit Sunset Country, the thought of playing video games or spending time on the iPad fades away as Mother Nature takes over and pulls your children into a whole new world of discovery. Your kids will spend hours outside exploring new things and having a fun time while doing it.

Children will make lifelong memories!

Top 10 Reasons Your Family Will Love Sunset Country


Your children will be making memories that they will cherish for a lifetime! Think back to your childhood. Do you have a favourite spot you visited? Perhaps it was Sunset Country, perhaps elsewhere - plan a trip to northwest Ontario where we offer the best outdoorsy vacations for the whole family!


Swimming at the beach, hiking, jumping on a water trampoline, fishing, boating, wakeboarding or tubing are just a few of the activities your children will love! After a day outside, everyone will sleep contently after a day of fresh air. 


Maybe it's grandpa or a guide teaching the kids to fish, getting up on waterskis for the first time, or even learning how to make their first marshmallow over an open flame, the things your children will learn are invaluable!


Who doesn't like to camp? Whether it's a tent or an RV, I've yet to meet a child who doesn't like to camp. Beaches, waterfalls, sunsets, campfires and much more! Sunset Country region has private campgrounds (often beside a lodge) or Provincial Parks to choose from. 


Often several families or generations of families get together and vacation together. Every few years all the cousins in my family come from all across Canada to do a houseboat vacation. It's wonderful for all the children to get together and have fun for a week. (You also get to get two birds with one stone - You don't have to take vacation time to see your family and then vacation time to go somewhere else).


With all the lakes to choose from and all the species of fish to catch, it's easy to learn how to fish here. The experienced angler in your family can teach those interested in fishing, or you can hire a fishing guide for the day. Catch one fish and you or your child will be hooked! (Hopefully not literally!!)


We don't live in Igloos in Canada! It does get hot in the summer and you'll want to cool off with a dip in the lake. Added bonus: No sharks!! Swim at a public beach, at your resort's or Ontario Parks' beach, or jump in off the dock! 


There are no zoos in Sunset Country, but there are animals! Whether it's a deer walking down the street, a moose along the highway or a bald eagle soaring overhead, there is a ton of wildlife to see. You may also see a bear, lynx, Woodland caribou, pelicans, beaver, loons, and many more. Generally, if you stay back and let the animal go about its business it will just carry on and not worry about you.


Many of the activities to do are simply at your lodge or resort, however, our communities have lots to see and do as well. There are many museums and interpretive centers, splash pads, Hoopla Island, public parks, golf courses, and many great restaurants (even Kenora's famous Lake of the Woods Brewing Co. for the moms and dads :) )


The best thing about Sunset Country is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. If you have small children and you want to stay at the beach at the resort and close to the cabin for naptime, you can. If you want to be out fishing all day, you can! If you want to see on the dock all day with a cool drink in your hand, you can! The options are endless. 

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