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Fishing Guide Services in Northwestern Ontario

So maybe you're visiting for the day, a few days or even a week and you'd like to try your hand at fishing our many freshwater lakes. The only problem is you don't have a boat, knowledge of the lake or fishing equipment with you. Problem solved! There are several excellent fishing guides available in select communities across Ontario's Sunset Country.

Fishing with a guide makes a huge difference.

These are anglers who are experienced in the waters they guide and who have all the equipment, knowledge and a beautiful boat for you to fish from. These are what we refer to as "independent fishing guide services" where you contact them for a day's fishing and pay a fee for the service.

Contact these independent guides below:

Jeff Gustafson

Fishin Magician

Dave Bennett Outdoors

If you're already staying at a lodge, many accommodations offer a guiding service for their guests. You might also want to hire a guide for the first few days until you're familiar with the lake or you may want one the entire week. Some "full-service" lodges include a guide in the package fee you select so make sure you ask about guide services when you're booking if that's what you're looking for. 

Muskie fishing guides

Below is a list of lodges that offer guided fishing trips.

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