Things to Do in the Winter in Sunset Country

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Ice Fishing, Snowmobiling, Skiing, Snowshoeing

Just because it's colder doesn't mean we don't have fun in the winter in Sunset Country! There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh fish caught through the ice at one of the lodges open in the winter. Snowmobile right to your ice fishing hut. Northwest Ontario has miles and miles of snowmobile trails throughout the region. Go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing! The options are endless.  

Find Things to Do and Places to Stay in the Winter

Winter Wonder and Adventure

Across Sunset Country the pure white snow, reminiscent of a nobler time, is well-groomed for your pleasure. Glide along well-marked cross-country ski trails or skate clear lake ice in the open air of a splendid winter's day. Cushions of snow mantle challenging downhill runs and if you want to feel like a child again there's always a toboggan run nearby complete with the laughter of children.

Crown Jewel of Snow Machine Trails

Sunset country has been knighted by Mark Lester of Supertrax International as "one of the world's most impressive snowmobile destinations." The trails, wide and regularly groomed, offer endless miles of safe traveling amidst a peaceful arbor surrounded by winter beauty.

With services and amenities fit for a king, Mark Lester hails this winter vacation paradise as one which "has every single ingredient we consider important to a successful snowmobile tour."

The Magic Continues on into the Night

As evening approaches gourmet cuisine is available in many fine restaurants. Dance the night away or try your luck at a game casino.

Be sure to experience the romance of a glorious Canadian sunset and the twinkle of the snow beneath a tapestry of brilliant stars. In the quiet of the night witness the heavenly animation of the aurora borealis or Northern Lights. It is a hallowed experience when the sky dances with colour and fairy lights rain subdued upon the snowfields.

An Incredible Selection!

Sunset Country has a variety of accommodations designed to specifically suit your needs. Whether you choose a five-star motel or a cozy, modern cabins, you'll find Sunset Country well equipped to cater to every taste and vacation budget.

In Sunset Country, each setting sun will cast a golden glow that will stay with you always. The glistening snow and ancient forests which provide so much fun will fill you with priceless memories. When you leave Sunset Country you will take a bit of it with you and leave a part of you behind.

Have a great time along the endless trails of Sunset Country!