Top 5 Reasons to go on a Fly-in Fishing Trip

One for the Bucket List
Gerry Cariou
By Gerry Cariou

Gerry Cariou is the Executive Director of Ontario's Sunset Country.

Last Updated: June 20, 2024

Do Something Out of the Ordinary!

There's a saying that "Life is short, so you should enjoy the ride." If you take that at face value, then the task becomes figuring out exactly how to do that. In the big picture, spending time vacationing is probably your best opportunity to "enjoy the ride," how much you enjoy it depends on what you choose to do. Here's one suggestion for a bucket list trip: go to a remote and pristine freshwater lake in Ontario's Sunset Country, one only accessible by floatplane aircraft, and experience what it really means to get away from it all. In other words, go on a fly-in fishing trip!

fly in fishing in Ontario, Canada

The quantity of fish you catch and release requires no hype; by the time you leave, you'll realize how good the fishing was, and no one will have to tell you that. But it's also the pure joy and exhilaration of going to a place on the planet where there's no one else, where you "own" a Canadian lake for the duration of your stay, and where you can create memories that will last for the rest of your life. This is the fly-in fishing experience in Sunset Country, and it's a trip you can take to help you enjoy life's ride. 

Here are the Top 5 reasons you should take a fly-in fishing trip in Ontario's Sunset Country travel region: 

Reason #1: The best fishing trip you'll ever go on!

While we think a fly-in trip can fit anyone's vacation plans, we realize that avid anglers are most likely to consider it. For one, anglers are always looking for ways to take their fishing success to the next level and with the quality of fishing on these remote, fly-in-only lakes, the chances of you catching more fish on your fly-in trip than any other trip you may have taken in the past is almost guaranteed!

Go on a fly in fishing trip with your friends

Stories from anglers who've gone on a fly-in trip indicate catching fish isn't a problem, even if you are relatively inexperienced at fishing. With a few tips from your outfitter and a commitment to finding where the fish are (hint: it's easy to do), well, you'll think you're a fishing pro, just like the people you see on television. 100, even 200 fish days for a party of 4 anglers are not uncommon. 

Your fly-in adventure begins with a trip on a sturdy and reliable float plane aircraft such as this DeHavilland Beaver. Image credit: Kabeelo Lodge and Outposts

Reason # 2: You get an authentic remote experience

If one had to define the word remote, it usually means distance from populated areas, but in this case, it includes an entirely different way to access where you're going. If there are no roads and you can't get there except by hiking through dense forest, canoeing across dozens of lakes, or, in your case, by flying in, then you know you're in a place that is truly and authentically remote. It's a trip that, in a relative sense, few people take, and it is one where you certainly get some bragging rights about how remote a place you've travelled to. With few exceptions, such as a trip to a remote boat-in lodge, a fly-in trip is as remote as possible.

Access diamonds in the rough on a fly-in trip! Image credit: Ginny Riege

Reason # 3: Safety and Security

When you utilize the services of a fly-in outfitter, you get the guarantee that someone knows where you are and, in some cases, will make sure with a mid-week check flight. Your outfitter has gone to the trouble of ensuring your accommodations are up to par so you can enjoy a wilderness experience but stay warm and dry in your cabin. They ensure the boats and motors are in top running condition and are available to fix problems you may encounter. Their experienced pilots have the skills to get you into and out of your remote destination. Your comfort and safety are these professional outfitters' first and foremost concerns. You also have a secure place to leave your vehicles while travelling in the wilderness.

After you get dropped off at the outpost, you're certainly not forgotten. Image credit: Erin Rody

Reason # 4: Experience Different Lakes on Each Trip

Your typical remote outpost trip involves one cabin on one lake, and most fly-in outfitters have multiple outposts on multiple lakes. This means you can fish various lakes in a season or each year, depending on how many times you visit. Why not fish a fantastic trout lake one year and then a walleye/pike lake the next? Smallmouth bass? Some fly-in lakes are loaded with them! Many outpost lakes in Ontario's Sunset Country also have excellent bass fishing, where you will catch one after another all day. Variety is the spice of life, so that's what you get when you take trips to different fishing outpost locations.

Catching big pike like this is all part of the fun! Image Credit: Alyssa Lloyd

Reason # 5: A Fishing Vacation All About You!

If you want to treat yourself (and you deserve it), a full-service fly-in lodge is just what you need. At one of these facilities, everything is looked after, from fantastic meals to personal fishing guides, and all you do is concentrate on catching fish and having a good time. You won't believe you can get that kind of service in such a remote location—fish all day for walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and bass. In the evening, go for a cool one in the lodge and listen to the fish tales from that day on the water.

Full-service fly-in lodges will treat you royally! Image Credit: Fletcher Lake Lodge

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