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Lodges, Outposts, Houseboats, Campgrounds & Hotels in Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout is an important regional service centre in Sunset Country but it is also surrounded by some quality fishing lakes and endless tracts of boreal forest. You'll find it easy to find the perfect place to stay while visiting the area.There are hotels, motels, lodges, campgrounds, outpost fishing and even houseboat rentals in nearby Hudson.

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Sioux Lookout Lodges & Resorts

Sioux Lookout, Ontario is in the midst of several clean, beautiful lakes. To the northwest of Sioux Lookout lies famous Lac Seul, a large tea-colored lake famous for its walleye fishing. This part of Lac Seul is also known for its great muskie fishing. You can also fish for smallmouth bass and northern pike. Lac Seul is the second largest inland lake in Ontario. This vast water system is primarily fed by three huge rivers known as the English River from the south, the Vermilion River from the east and the Root River from the north. Strategically located where these three rivers meet is Chamberlain Narrows. Sioux Lookout is surrounded by a chain of lakes consisting of Abram Lake, Minnitaki, Botsford, Lost Lake, Pelican Lake and Lac Seul (part of the English River System). You can fish this chain of lakes for walleye, northern pike, muskie, smallmouth bass, and lake trout. Pickerel Arm is a 20-mile long branch of Minnitaki Lake. From Moonlight Falls near the south end to a deep-water haven for lake trout at Lyons Bay, the Arm has an excellent variety of structure that inhabits walleyes, feisty northern pike, and trophy smallmouth bass.

To the west of Sioux Lookout are Vermilion and Little Vermilion Lakes. To the south of Sioux Lookout, you'll find lakes such as Sandybeach, Kabikwabik, and Keikewabik. West of the town of Sioux Lookout, you can fish Kirk Lake and Marchington Lake. Marchington Lake is part of a river system with seven inlets and only one outlet. The Lake is a long and narrow flowage, approximately 25 miles long and 9000 acres and has no road access. You must boat-in. From Marchington Lake can access to 14 other remote lakes, none of which have road access.

Sioux Lookout boasts some of the best fly-in lodges in the area. Choose from a five-star all-inclusive resort to fly-in outpost cabins and everything in-between. Fly into Delesseps Lake, which is 20 miles long. Delesseps is an irregular, island-dotted body of water rich with walleyes and northern. You can reach Miniss Lake by a short river. Fly into 12 mile long Uchi Lake; a lake where the bottom drop off right near the shoreline providing breeding grounds throughout the lake. You can also fly into Bamaji Lake and stay at housekeeping cabins. Bamaji is located 80 miles north of Sioux Lookout and has over 80 miles of shoreline. Many rivers and streams feed the lake. 40"+ northerns are caught and released each year.

Remote Outpost Fishing & Hunting Camps

Do you want total seclusion for your next fishing or hunting trip? Try a fly-in or boat-in outpost cabin. Sioux Lookout is a starting point for many fly-in outposts. You can fly to lakes such as Aerofoil, Bamaji, Blackstone, Christina, Fawcett, Fry, Kabikwabik, Keikewabik, Kezik, Gull, Hooker, Little Miniss, Lynx Paw, Miniss, Maskara, Otatakan, Raggedwood, Roadhouse, Seagraves, Springpole, Tuk Bay on Lac Seul, Wapesi, Wesleyan and Wapesi River and on Lake St. Joseph.

If you don't want to fly, but like the seclusion of an outpost cabin, there are also boat-in outposts on Lac Seul and Marchington Lakes.

Hudson Houseboat Rentals on Lac Seul

A houseboat rental on Lac Seul can be many things - a fishing trip, a hunting trip or an excellent way to spend your family vacation! Lac Seul is one of the most beautiful lakes in Northwestern Ontario, and you can see it in the privacy of you own "Floating Lodge". Sand beaches, swimming, water skiing, tubing, waterfalls, exploring and just plain old good fishing, make a houseboat vacation on Lac Seul a great family vacation. If you're planning a fishing trip, Lac Seul is noted for its excellent angling of northern pike, walleye, record size muskie and smallmouth bass. Houseboat fishing has many advantages, including the freedom to choose your own schedule. If you prefer to fish Lac Seul where there aren't any lodges close by, just find a beach nearby to tie up on! If you don't feel like boating, often plenty of good fishing can be had right off the rear of the houseboat.

You can also have a successful hunt with your houseboat as your base camp. Enjoy great moose and small game hunting in the incredible outdoors, and at the end of the day, just hop aboard your houseboat, a warm and comfortable retreat from the chill of Autumn. Both resident and non-resident moose hunters will require hunting tags (license) valid for WMU 4 or 5, Lac Seul Wildlife Management Unit.

Sioux Lookout Campgrounds & RV Parks

If you are planning a camping trip to Sioux Lookout, you have a few great choices. You can either stay at the Ojibway Park, which is about 25 km southwest of Sioux Lookout or camp at some of the lodges that offer camping during the summer months. Most sites are lakefront or very close to the shore including lakes such as Minnitaki, Pickerel Arm, Abram, Big Vermilion and Lac Seul. Choose from tent sites, fully serviced RV sites or partially serviced RV sites. Many campgrounds feature a shower house with restrooms and laundry facilities on site. There are many activities to do on your camping vacation - try fishing, swimming, canoeing or hiking. For the children, you can find campgrounds that have sand beaches, playgrounds, and basketball courts. For a break from the secluded wilderness setting, head into the Town of Sioux Lookout for some shopping, sightseeing, dining or golfing. 

Sioux Lookout Hotels

Choose from a variety of hotels and motels in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. The town has both smaller, roadside motels as well as full-service hotels and conference centres. Many of the hotels also have restaurants and lounges.