Places to Stay in Perrault Falls, Ontario

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Lodges & Resorts in Perrault Falls, Ontario

Perrault Falls Lodges & Resorts

Perrault Falls is located on Perrault Lake on Highway 105, about 45 minutes north of Vermilion Bay. Heading north from Vermilion Bay, you'll find lodges and resorts on lakes such as Cliff, Cedar, and Aerobus. Perrault Lake has over 50 miles of shoreline and is connected to Cedar Lake which has an additional 67 miles of shoreline. Both Cedar and Perrault Lakes provide very good fishing for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, whitefish, perch and muskie.

Perrault Falls is situated at the waterfalls between Wabaskang Lake and Perrault Lake. Wabaskang Lake is to the west of Highway 105 and Perrault Lake is to the east. Wabaskang Lake is full of points, bays and structure for fish to thrive in - making exceptional walleye, bass, northern & trout fishing. To the west of Wabaskang lies Wine Lake, which is teeming with a wide assortment of game fish - walleye, northern pike, lake trout and perch. Wine Lake features many islands and countless bays for you and your fishing party to explore. For those who enjoy venturing away from camp, you can travel through tributaries into several other connecting lakes and river systems, such as: Anishinabi, Beaver, Turn Around, Mud, Ghost, Wabaskang, Halverson, Tipover, and Duck Lakes. Anishinabi Lake is a fly-in lake located west of Wine Lake.

So whether your preference is an easy to get to drive-in camp, a remote boat-in resort or a fly-in lodge, you're certain to find what you're looking for.

Perrault Falls Campgrounds

Many of the lodges in the area offer camping. The campgrounds offer electricity, water, showers, sewer etc. The resorts also offer the full amenities of the resort such as the boat launch or boat rentals, access to the main lodge and more.

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