Northern Pike Fishing Trips in Ontario, Canada

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Go On a Northern Pike Fishing Trip in Ontario, Canada

How do you catch a big pike? Visit Ontario's Sunset Country in Canada that's how! The northern pike fishing up here is incredible - In addition to big numbers, we have some giant fish swimming in our lakes. These big predators can reach up to 48 inches long and 30 pounds in weight while the smaller pike make a fantastic shore lunch.

Until you've experienced the quality of the Ontario pike fishing we offer, you won't really understand just how good it is. The local ethic of catch and release for large northern pike has sustained a very healthy population of fish throughout Northwest Ontario. Our location right along the Canada-US Border makes us the most easily accessible location for Americans wanting to try northern pike fishing in Canada. Stay at any one of over 200 resorts and lodges and make sure you bring some heavy duty fishing tackle because when it comes to Canadian pike fishing, we are the destination of choice.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips:

Northern pike hit on just about anything but for the total experience, bring top water and diving baits of considerable size. You'll want a medium-heavy action rod and make sure you use a leader to avoid bite-offs.

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