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Frequently Asked Questions - Nestor Falls

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Nestor Falls, Ontario. If you have further questions about visiting Sunset Country such as crossing the US/Canada border, items you can or can't bring into Canada, fishing & hunting licenses and types of accommodations, please visit the Sunset Country FAQs page. If you have further questions about traveling in Nestor Falls and Northwestern Ontario, please contact us at the Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Association. We can be reached toll-free at 1-800-665-7567 or locally at 807-468-5853 or you can email us your questions.

  • Where is Sunset Country?
  • Where is Nestor Falls?
  • How do I get to Sunset Country?
  • Can I fly into Nestor Falls?
  • What are the speed limits in Ontario?
  • Where can I get maps of the area?
  • What's the average temperature in Nestor Falls?
  • What's the current weather in Nestor Falls?

Where is Sunset Country?Visit the Sunset Country Tourism Area

Sunset Country is located in the Northwest corner of Ontario, Canada. We are bordered to the south by Minnesota and to the west by Manitoba. Our eastern border is just west of Thunder Bay.

Where is Nestor Falls?

Nestor Falls is located along Highway 71 on the shores of Lake of the Woods. Nestor Falls is located 70 miles from the border crossing at either Baudette or International Falls, MN. Drive east from Baudette/Rainy River or west from International Falls/Fort Frances on Highway 11 to Highway 7I. Travel north on Highway 71 until you reach Nestor Falls. From Kenora, Ontario, travel east on Highway 17, take the turnoff onto Highway 71 south, just east of Kenora. You'll enjoy the scenic winding drive through Sioux Narrows then to Nestor Falls.

How do I get to Sunset Country?

Sunset Country is less than a day's drive from many US Midwest cities. All main highways and roads in Sunset Country are paved. From the United States, there are three border crossings - at International Falls, Minnesota, Baudette, Minnesota and at Pigeon River. If you are flying a major airline, you can fly into Winnipeg, Manitoba or Thunder Bay, Ontario. Mesaba Airlines (a Northwest Airlink affiliate) flies into International Falls, MN. Bearskin Airlines is a regional airline that flies to many communities in Sunset Country. If you fly into an airport, you can rent a car or van or use a shuttle service to get to Nestor Falls

Can I fly into Nestor Falls?

Nestor Falls does not have scheduled air services. If you are flying a private plane, there is a 3,500-foot paved airstrip at Nestor Falls. Visit the CANPASS website for information on Canadian customs and immigration. If you are flying, Northwest Airlink services International Falls from the U.S. via Minneapolis. Bearskin Airlines provides service to Kenora from within Canada. Shuttle service is available from both International Falls (70 miles) and Kenora (80 miles) to Nestor Falls.

What are the speed limits in Ontario?

Speed limits are posted in kilometers. Speed limits on the main highways in the area usually 90 km/hour or 55 mph. Please follow the posted speed limits and watch for wildlife.

  • 25 mph = 40 km/hr
  • 35 mph = 57 km/hr
  • 50 mph = 80 km/hr
  • 55 mph = 90 km/hr
  • 62 mph = 100 km/hr

Where can I get maps of the area?

You can order a Free Travel Guide & Map of Sunset Country, which has a large pull-out map that shows all of Northwest Ontario (Accommodations & Lodging are dotted on the area map.) You can purchase maps of the area at Hydrographic Charts, Angling Maps and Topographical Maps are available. You can also phone Canada Map Sales 1-877-627-7226 to find out which maps are available for the lakes you will be visiting.

What is the average temperature in Nestor Falls?

Here's the average temperature in the Nestor Falls area.

What's the current weather in Nestor Falls?

Here's the current weather in Nestor Falls.

Nestor Falls, Ontario