Lake Trout Fishing in Ontario, Canada

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Lake Trout Fishing in Lakes in Ontario, Canada

Epic would be one way to describe the quality of the lake trout fishing in the Sunset country region of Ontario, Canada. There are literally thousands of trout lakes in this part of the Province supporting gigantic populations of these fish. lake trout love the deep and cold lakes we have and if you can reach them, you'll potentially catch a bundle of these in a day.

The big trout top out at 30 pounds and over 40 inches in length while the average size laker is in the 4 to 6 lb range with many fish greater than 10 pounds. Downriggers are often used to reach the depths these fish are at or you can use heavy jigs to get down to the 40 to 60' range they cruise at during the summer. Be prepared for a long and fierce fight if you hook into a lake trout as they are all muscle and don't like to come to the surface.

Some of our fishing lodges specialize in offering their guests a trophy lake trout experience, one you'll remember for a lifetime! ice fishing for lake trout is also a very popular activity during the winter as these fish don't slow down eating like many other species. We offer anglers a truly world-class lake trout fishing opportunity available in only a few other areas of Canada but none as close to you as we are.

Lake Trout Fishing Trips:

While experienced trout anglers likely know this, the best time of year to go lake trout fishing is within 3 weeks of the ice going out - the lakers range right to the surface at this time of year and you can spin cast or troll for them in 10 feet of water - it is certainly the time of year when they are the easiest to catch them!

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