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Gerry Cariou
By Gerry Cariou

Gerry Cariou is the Executive Director of Ontario's Sunset Country.

Last Updated: March 1, 2023

Places to Get Bait and Tackle in Sunset Country

The Canadian Government in an effort to control invasive species has banned all bait imports into Canada. This means in addition to live bait which was already prohibited (with the exception of nightcrawlers in bedding), you cannot bring frozen or any kind of bait - including nightcrawlers - into Canada from the USA. This measure was put in place for the purpose of protecting our waters from things like zebra mussels, spiny water fleas, and other invasive species.

Kids love it when the fish bite so you'll need live bait

With that out of the way, the anglers who have decided to fish in Sunset Country this season you'll need to find a place to get live bait if the lodge and resort you're staying at don't already have live bait on-site at the lodge. The live bait issue may be more pressing if you're going on a fly-in trip but many fly-in outfitters also offer live bait. The key is to check with them before coming and see if they have the bait options you want and if they don't then it's likely the retail bait and tackle stores listed below will. You can also get artificial lures, rods, reels, electronics, and much more. Your purchases will go a long way to help these retailers recover from the impacts of Covid-19 restrictions on their business. So you're also supporting local businesses where you're vacationing.

Bait & Tackle Shop Locations

Fort Frances

The Great Bear (Shell): Hwy 11 east of Fort Frances (807) 274-2221 MAP

Rainy Lake Sports & Tackle: 715 Colonization Rd E Fort Frances (807) 274-6429 MAP

Westside Bait and Tackle: West of Fort Frances on Hwy 11 (807)-274-7606 MAP


Double K Baits: 77 McDonald Road, Dryden (807) 220-0951 MAP

QSL Tackle: 102 Queen St, Dryden, (807) 223-5050 MAP

Clark's Bait & Tackle: 66 Keith Ave, Unit 1 Dryden, (807) 223-5210 MAP

Red Lake

Clark's Bait & Tackle: 174 Howey St, Red Lake (807) 727- 9888 MAP

Chukuni Outdoor Supply: 7 ON-105, Red Lake, (807) 728-0939 MAP

Station 105: 34 Hwy 105, Red Lake, ON (807) 727-2752 MAP

Ear Falls/Perrault Falls

Four Seasons Sport Shop: 4 Hwy 657 Ear Falls, 807-222-2200 MAP

Dutchie's General Store: Hwy 105 Perrault Falls, (807) 529-6556 MAP

Vermilion Bay

Bobby's Sports Shop: 110 Armstrong St, ON-17, Vermilion Bay, (807) 227-2695 MAP

Nestor Falls

Bite Me Bait & Tackle 1620 Hwy 71, Nestor Falls, (807) 484-0707 MAP

Nestor Falls Bait & Tackle: 1 Bait and Tackle Road, Nestor Falls, (807) 484-2401 MAP

Helliar's: 1311 Hwy 71, Nestor Falls, (807) 484-2400 MAP

Sioux Narrows

Gill's Trading Post: 5701 C Hwy 71, Sioux Narrows, (807) 226-5252 MAP

Swenson Marina & Bait: 4 Skyers Rd, Sioux Narrows, (807) 466-8180 MAP


Vern's Minnows: 105 Main St, Ignace, (807) 934-2254 MAP

K & S Bait and Tackle: 311 Main St, Ignace (807) 936-0036 MAP

Silver Dollar Inn & Campground: N of Ignace on Hwy 599 (807) 934-6977 MAP


Voyageur Bait & Tackle: 2001 ON-11B, Atikokan, (807) 597-1575 MAP


Sunset Baits: 1407 Hwy 17E, Kenora (807) 468-9567 MAP

Charlebois Baits: 1511 Valley Drive, Kenora, (807) 548-5337 MAP

Bounty Baits: 18 McKenzie Portage Rd, Kenora, (807) 543-6486 MAP

LOTW Sports Headquarters: 702 Lakeview Dr, Kenora (807) 468-4637 MAP

Tall Pines Marina: 832 Lakeview Dr, Kenora, (807) 468-5253 MAP

J B Bait & Tackle: Veterans Dr, Kenora, (807) 548-4547 MAP

Sioux Lookout

Al's Sports Excellence: 84 Front Street, Sioux Lookout, (807) 737-1323 MAP

Five Mile Corner: 1284 Hwy 72, Sioux Lookout, (807) 737-1654 MAP

Anderson's Lodge, Tackle & Bait Shop: 235 Hwy 72, Sioux Lookout, (807) 737- 1279 MAP


J&J General Store 8860 Hwy 621, Morson (807) 488-5946 MAP

Gill's Morson Marina: Hwy 621, Morson (807) 488-5551 MAP


Minaki Marina: 07025 Pine Street, Minaki, (807) 224-2581 MAP

Author's Note: If you own a retail bait shop and tackle store in Sunset Country and you are not listed in this article contact me and I can add your business to the list.

Walleye fishing in Ontario's Sunset Country. Image courtesy of Big North Lodge