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Gerry Cariou
By Gerry Cariou

Gerry Cariou is the Executive Director of Ontario's Sunset Country.

Last Updated: January 14, 2020

Spectacular Freshwater Fishing at Vermilion Bay Lodge

Located on the famous Eagle Lake in Ontario's Sunset Country, Vermilion Bay Lodge has been offering serious anglers and family adventurers a Canadian fishing destination they keep coming back to since 1991. Eagle Lake itself is 68,000 acres in size with many islands and over 400 miles of shoreline and in its waters, you can find no less than 5 sports fish including walleye, smallmouth bass, musky, lake trout, and northern pike. Eagle Lake is known far and wide for its huge musky and it is a lake where true giants lurk. 

A trip to the lodge is a truly memorable experience with beautiful lakefront cabins topping the list. These cabins offer comfort and a spectacular view of the lake. The docks and boats are top-notch and the grounds are always in tip-top shape. Who thought it would be so easy to access great Canadian fishing in such a serene location. Hosts Gord and Susanne Bastable are always around to ensure their guests have a great experience.

Vermilion Bay Lodge is a great choice on Eagle Lake with its unique location, access to all species of fish the lake has to offer, and an easy-going, casual atmosphere. The lodge welcomes novice and serious anglers alike and all you have to focus on during your stay here is having fun and catching fish!

Well-appointed lakeside cabins await you and your family at Vermilion Bay Lodge!

Fishing Eagle Lake in Ontario

Few lakes in Ontario's Sunset Country have the reputation of Eagle Lake and with its vast size multi-species fishing opportunities, and its large number of "trophy-sized" fish, the lake has certainly earned its lofty reputation. From an angling perspective you can catch the following species:

Musky: This is the fish the lake is famous for and many anglers think Eagle is the location of the next Canadian perhaps even the next world-record fish. it's true that 50+ inch fish are relatively common occurrences on Eagle and who knows, a few over 55+ inches are indeed swimming in the depths. 

Eagle Lake musky fishing at Vermilion Bay Lodge

Walleye: If you know what you're doing, it's relatively easy to catch your limit of walleye. The lake offers a variety of sizes from smaller "eaters" to large walleye you catch and release.

Smallmouth Bass: Located all over the lake, smallmouth bass can grow over 20 inches and exceed 5 pounds on Eagle. Pound for pound, nothing fights like a smallie!

Lake Trout: This may be a surprise to some but Eagle Lake supports a healthy population of lake trout. With its vast size, the lake has the deep basins needed to support lakers and when they're hungry, they sure bite and fight!

Lake trout fishing on Eagle Lake

Northern Pike: Likely the fish you'll catch most often in Eagle, pike come in numerous sizes and in high numbers on the lake. You can find that good eating-sized pike along with fish over 40 inches so be prepared for a wild fight if you hook into one of the big fish.

Perch: You can catch jumbo perch in Eagle Lake so panfish enthusiasts coming up here to fish won't be disappointed!

Early Spring & Fall are When Fishing is Best

One of the things that lodge owner Gord Bastable noted was the high quality of the fishing in early Spring and in September when the weather is still nice but there are not as many people around. A trip in May makes sense if you're targeting lake trout that are shallow or walleye when they are very hungry and active after spawning. September is the month when the musky fishing is off the charts good and is probably your best time of year for a chance at catching a giant musky.

Expect Quality Boats & Equipment

At Vermilion Bay Lodge, things are set-up to ensure the guests have what they need and when they need it for a successful day of fishing. Another highlight of your stay is the obvious quality of the equipment they use. Rental fishing boats are available. There's the standard boat, a heavy-duty 16.5-foot Alumarine boat with 25 HP Yamaha electric-start motors and this sweet package includes a flat, non-slip bottom, comfortable swivel seats, an electronic fish locator and all gas - what a great deal that is!

The upgraded boat rental package is even better! With the upgrade package, you get the more spacious 18-foot Alumarine "resorter" boat with a 40 HP Yamaha electric-start motor giving you more power and range along with the upgraded electronic fish locator and get this, a bow-mounted Minnkota trolling motor complete with I-Pilot to make trolling and casting a piece of cake. Of course, you still get the flat, non-slip bottom, comfortable swivel seats, and all gas included!

We highly recommend you get the upgrade package on boat rentals which includes an 18-foot boat, 40 HP Yamaha outboard, and a bow-mounted trolling motor

Comfortable Cabin Accommodations

At Vermilion Bay Lodge you get that the traditional look and feel of an "Up North" Canadian experience but you don't sacrifice any of the creature comforts. The 8 cabins are situated with perfect views and decks overlooking the lake and for the kids, there is a swimming area, picnic area, and each cabin is fully equipped with a fridge, stove, dishes, and utensils so all you have to do is bring your own food. After a day on the water catching fish, your cabin is the ideal place to relax, unwind and have a few cool ones.  

Exterior view - lakefront cabin Eagle Lake, Ontario, Vermilion Bay Lodge

The cabins at the lodge will satisfy anyone who stays with everything fully-modern and each cabin has its own deck offering million-dollar views of Eagle Lake. The quality of the accommodations along with the great fishing on Eagle Lake is the main reason the lodge has such a high number of guests that return year after year.

Housekeeping cabin interior at Vermilion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake, Ontario

Did You Know...

  • History on the Lake Vermilion Bay Lodge was originally constructed in the 1940s and was called "Little Norway Camp"
  • River Monsters? Jeremy Wade of the show River Monsters paid a visit to the lodge in search of an Eagle Lake muskie!
  • Vermilion Bay Lodge is Recommended by the Pros Canadian fishing legend Bob Izumi has stayed at the lodge!
  • What's an Electric Beaver? It's unique to Vermilion Bay Lodge! Visit their website to learn more.

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