In Pursuit of Big Fish

Your Search for Trophy Pike and Lake Trout is Over
Gerry Cariou
By Gerry Cariou

Gerry Cariou is the Executive Director of Ontario's Sunset Country.

Last Updated: June 15, 2023

Big fish - and lots of them!

Located southeast of the town of Red Lake, Ontario, Confederation Lake is loaded with big lake trout and northern pike. In fact, the average size of both these species in this particular lake, along with their numbers, is something you have to experience to believe. Covering an area exceeding 14,000 acres and at 17 miles long by 6 miles wide, Confederation Lake offers anglers endless water to choose from. With depths in excess of 100 feet in many spots, the lake trout fishing is "off the charts" with a nice average size fish and the larger fish in the 15 to 20-pound range and 35+ inches. With the lake trout, it's really about how many of them there are in the lake, it is truly something else!

Confederation Lake is also a big pike factory with these voracious predators found just about anywhere in the lake. It's not difficult to catch a 40+ inch northern on Confederation and the chance you'll hook into a fish approaching 45 inches is better than most other lakes in Sunset Country! You get both length and girth on the northern pike caught on this lake. The quality of the fishing is really something you have to experience firsthand. For those that do, you won't be disappointed!

Big northern pike - Confederation Lake Ontario

South Bay Outpost - the place to stay on Confederation Lake

One of the best parts of a Canadian fishing trip is just getting away from the crowds. With 70,000 lakes in Sunset Country and over 100,000 square kilometers of wilderness, getting away isn't a problem. The ultimate Canada fishing trip is when you stay at an outpost and on Confederation Lake, staying at South Bay Outpost is a great choice for quality lake trout and trophy pike. At the outpost, there are no crowds to worry about, no one moving in on your fishing spots. 

South Bay Outpost cabin on Confederation Lake

Operated by Woman River Camp, South Bay Outpost is super easy to access - drive your vehicle to the landing, load the boat with your gear and you're ready to go - it doesn't get any easier than that! There are two cabins available and the cabins have everything you'll need.

Cabin West sleeps 4 people in two bedrooms.  The cabin is furnished with comfy mattresses, equipped with a propane stove and electric fridge and lights.  Water is supplied to the cabin with a solar water pump.  The cabin has a deck and a beautiful northern view of Confederation Lake.  A fire pit is a stone's throw away.

Cabin South sits off by itself on the southern edge of the property.  A few good casts through the trees to Cabin West.  The cabin sleeps 6 in three bedrooms with comfy single beds.   Hot and cold running water, shower, propane cook stove, and wood heat.  Great deck, fire pit, and cook area. 

Once you arrive you'll be able to access the great trout and pike fishing while staying in a remote location in comfort! You won't believe the views of the lake and you'll realize how remote you really are. It is when you try the fishing, however, is when it will all make sense to you. After a day on the water, you'll remember why you came in the first place and it's likely, you'll want to come back to do it all over again! Catching lake trout in large numbers broken up with the occasional 40+ inch pike appeals to most anglers and that's what you'll experience at South Bay Outpost on Confederation Lake.

South Bay Outpost cabins - big fish on Confederation Lake

What about the walleye?

It's true, like many "trout lakes" in Sunset Country, there are no walleye swimming in Confederation Lake. But this isn't an issue when you stay at South Bay Outpost because just a short portage away from the outpost cabin are two exquisite walleye lakes:

Premier Lake - is a double portage lake located at the top of Confederation Lake. A highlight of a trip here is the beautiful waterfall where water from Confederation Lake flows into Premier Lake. There are two boats cached on this lake. In addition to the walleye, there is also excellent trout and pike fishing.

Mintore Lake - is located just south of the South Bay Outpost and is a walleye/pike lake. Just a short 10-minute walk from Confederation Lake.

In addition, Woman River Camp offers its guests an additional 3 "mystery" lakes, 2 with walleye. A trip up this way to this lodge is a true adventure.

Package Rates

Rates for South Bay Outpost vary based on a number of options - every trip is customized. 

For more info, you can visit their package rates page.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Confederation Lake At over 14,000 acres and with an average depth of 28 feet, Confederation Lake is a trout/pike factory. It's deepest point is 104 feet with water clarity over 15 feet.
  • Variety of Options In addition to lake trout and northern pike, the boat cache lakes offer good to excellent walleye fishing and add variety to your fishing trip experience.
  • Did You Know? Many years ago, the property was known as South Bay Trading Post, and it served the men who worked nearby gold, copper and zinc mines.
  • As Clear as it Gets! Premier Lake, one of the portage lakes available to anglers was rated the clearest lake in NW Ontario in 2014 with water clarity to 16.25 feet deep.
  • Remote Fishing That's Easy to Access Getting to South Bay Outposts is super easy, just pull up to the landing on Confederation Lake, load up and your off to the cabin!

A True Bucket List Trip

If you want to experience what a true Canadian fishing trip has to offer, South Bay Outpost on Confederation Lake offers that and much more. Not only do you have the opportunity to catch big lake trout and northern pike, you get exclusive access to two walleye lakes as part of the package. Put a trip to South Bay Outpost on your "bucket list" because that's definitely where it belongs!

Scenic shoreline Woman River Camp - South Bay Outpost

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Waterfall at Premier Lake - one of two exclusive walleye lakes that are part of the package!