Kakabeka Falls Park, Ontario, Canada

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Visit Beautiful Kakabeka Falls Park Near Thunder Bay

Kakabeka Falls Park is home to the second highest waterfalls in Ontario that are available for year round viewing. The base of the falls is the spawning bed for endangered lake sturgeon and is scattered with ancient fossils.

The park boasts opportunities for hiking, swimming, biking, birding and interactive ecological and historical education. There are also many campsites available including those set up for car and group camping.

Walking and Hiking Trails in Kakabeka Falls Park

Beaver Meadows Trail is 5.5 km return (2 hours) with moderate terrain. Follow the former bank of the Kaministiqua River for scenic views of the river and a glimpse of a beaver pond and some wetlands. This trail links to the Poplar Point Trail.

Contact Trail 1 km (30 minutes)with easy terrain. The sedimentary rock - mudstone and shale - at the start of this trail tell a story over a billion years old, of a land once covered with a warm inland sea.

Little Falls Trail is 3 km (2 hours) with strenuous terrain. This trail follows the rim of the Kaministiquia River gorge, makes a steep descent to the river valley, then rises to meet the Mountain Portage Trail.

Mountain Portage Trail is 1.3 km (45 minutes) with easy terrain and is barrier free. Trace the historical voyageurs' portage around Kakabeka Falls and see the spectacular Kaministiquia River and gorge. Along the way, you will find resting benches, three viewing points, and seven interpretive displays.

Poplar Point Trail is 3.6 km (2 hours) with easy terrain. This easy, wide loop through a forest of poplar and white birch winds through the campground and is ideal for families with small children who want to take a walk or a bike ride.

River Terrace Loop is 3.5 km (2 hours) with moderate terrain. A loop off the Beaver Meadows Trail, this trail offers spectacular views of the Kaministiquia River valley and a glimpse or rare bur oak and some wetlands.