Confederation Lake in Ontario, Canada

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Fishing Confederation Lake in Ontario

At 17 miles long and 6 miles wide, covering an area over 14,000 acres, Confederation Lake is a spectacular trout and pike fishery. This cold and deep lake provides ideal habitat and forage base, meaning a trophy fish is always a possibility. There are several outfitters operating on the lake offering anglers a wide variety of accommodation choices! If you like bigger water and the opportunity at huge fish, then Confederation Lake is certainly a good choice.

Facts About Confederation Lake

  • Location Located NE of Ear Falls, Ontario, 51.1303735 N -92.7699402 W
  • Fish Species Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Whitefish
  • Did You Know... Some people consider Confederation Lake to be one of Ontario's best trout lakes!

Fishing on Confederation Lake

With large populations of trophy pike and lake trout, make sure you bring tackle heavy enough to withstand a good fight. The trout are deep most of the time so bring tackle than can get you down to the depths where they feed. Spoons, large jigs and trolling with downriggers all work well. Bring big spoons, spinnerbaits and even topwater baits for casting at the huge pike that inhabit the back bays and rocky points. 

Fishing Lodges & Outposts

Confederation Lake is serviced by a number of private tourist camp owners offering accommodation that range from outposts to full American Plan and guided trips. Figuring out where to stay won't be difficult.