Clearwater (Burditt ) Lake

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Fish Clearwater Lake North of Emo, Ontario

Part of the Clearwater-Pipestone Chain, Clearwater (also called Burditt Lake) is an excellent walleye, northern pike, muskie and smallmouth bass lake. When you take the rail portage into Pipestone, you can add lake trout to the list. Clearwater Lake has many excellent spots to catch walleye with endless saddles and humps to fish over. The bass are everywhere and you could catch a big lunker if it's your day to shine!

Facts About Clearwater (Burditt) Lake

  • Fish Species Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Lake Trout, Perch
  • GPS Coordinates 48.925586 N, -93.798224 W
  • Lake Characteristics Length: 12 Miles Maximum Depth: 85 feet
  • Did You Know... Clearwater Lake is connected to Pipestone Lake via a rail portage.

Fishing Clearwater Lake

With dams at the north and south end of the lake, Clearwater has consistent water levels and very good fishing. Trophy walleye, muskie, bass and pike are caught every year. There are numerous spots to pull up on and have your shore lunch. Another multi-species lake, Clearwater  is a place you'll never get bored fishing. Catch 5 different species on the same day!

Lodging on Clearwater Lake

There are some excellent lodges available on the Clearwater-Pipestone chain of lakes. The recommended lodges are listed below. You'll find all the comforts you need and access to some of the best fishing Ontario has to offer. 

Find Accommodations on Clearwater (Burditt) Lake