Weather in Northwest Ontario

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Wondering What the Weather Will Be Like For Your Vacation To Ontario's Sunset Country?

While weather can fluctuate and the temperatures throughout the region vary, we've put together a general guide to help you prepare for your walleye fishing trip in Sunset Country.


In the Spring, you can expect milder temperatures which often include some rainy days. While still cooler than summer, the sun rays feel hot making it sometimes feel warmer than it is. March is a fantastic time to go ice fishing for walleye. The sun is warm and you can sit outside of the ice shack and enjoy the scenery. Walleye fishing season closes mid April and doesn't open up again until the third Saturday in May. This gives the walleye time to spawn. The ice generally goes out anywhere from the end of March to the beginning of May so it's generally not a great time to fish anyways.

Average Spring Temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
  Low High Low High
March -13.9 to -8.6 -0.8 to 1.8 7.1 to 16.6 30.5 to 35.2
April -4.2 to -1.5 8.6 to 10.7 24.5 to 29.3 47.5 to 51.2
May 3.1 to 6 16 to 18.9 37.5 to 42.8 60.8 to 66.1



Summers in Sunset Country range from warm to hot temperatures. The weather is usually quite humid, which intensifies the heat. Thankfully there is tons of lakes and rivers in Sunset Country to go for a swim and cool off. There is lots of time in the day to go walleye fishing, with some days having as much as 16 hours of sunlight. June is the coolest summer month, and also the best time during summer to fish for walleye. The fish seem to bite non-stop during June. The hottest time of year is July, and early August with some daily high temperatures of more than 30°.

Average Summer Temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
  Low High Low High
June 9.1 to 11.1 21.1 to 23.1 48.3 to 52 70 to 73.5
July 12.4 to 13.7 23.8 to 25.5 54.3 to 56.7 74.9 to 77.8
August 11.4 to 12.7 22.7 to 24.5 52.4 to 54.8 72.8 to 76.1



Generally you can take the fishing boat out in all of September and October, but in November lakes start to freeze over. September is a really great month for walleye fishing, making it a favorite vacation time for avid fisherman. You can still fish for walleye in October, as long as the weather permits. It is time to pull out your winter gear as temperatures start to dip below 0° around mid October, with a little bit of snowfall. Walleye fishing is usually done by the start of November, until the ice fishing season starts!

Average Fall Temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
  Low High Low High
September 5.9 to 7.2 16 to 17.6 42.6 to 44.9 60.9 to 63.8
October -0.4 to 1.3 7.8 to 10.3 31.3 to 34.3 46 to 50.5
November -9.4 to -6.9 -2 to 0.3 15.1 to 19.6 28.4 to 32.5



The Sunset Country Area sees some chilling temperatures in the winter months, with January being the coldest. It is best to go out walleye fishing on a day with little to no wind, or to fish in an ice shack, to escape the extreme temperatures. Wearing the proper winter clothing is key to a successful ice fishing trip! There is significantly less daylight during the winter months, with some days seeing only 8.5 hours of sunlight. The ice usually becomes thick enough to go ice fishing for walleye around the end of December. Always be sure that the ice is thick enough to walk or drive on before venturing out.

Average Winter Temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
  Low High Low High
December -20 to -16 -10.5 to -7.7 -4 to 3.3 13.1 to 18.2
January -23.9 to -19.3 -12.7 to 9.4 -11 to -2.7 9.2 to 15.1
February -21.3 to -16.5 -8.6 to -5.9 -6.4 to 2.3 -16.5 to 21.5