Prime Fishing Country - Upsala, Ontario, Canada

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Just North of Lac des Milles Lacs

Approximately 88 (142 km) miles west of Thunder Bay is the small community of Upsala, Ontario. Established in 1882, Upsala was an important railway community acting as a fuel and water stop for trains travelling on the then newly constructed Canadian Pacific Railway system. There is a campground with trout fishing right off the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Upsala area is located in prime fishing country and is situated just north of the famous Lac des Mille Lacs - the "lake of 1000 lakes". Lac des Mille Lacs itself was an important fur trade waterway and today, has many fine fishing and hunting resorts located along its shores.

Lac des Mille Lacs is a web of islands, bays, inlets, channels, and shoals. The lake has some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Lac des Mille Lacs is famous for its walleye and northern pike. The lodges and resorts on Lac des Mille Lacs are accessed by one of three ways. Six miles north of Upsala, take Blind Bay Road to reach the Seine River on Lac des Mille Lacs, or just south of Upsala, take Lac des Mille Lac Road, or about 12 miles south of Upsala, you can access the lake by the Savanne River.

Lac des Mille Lacs is a huge lake with many bays and lakes including Baril Bay, Blind Bay, Bolton Bay, Boot Bay, Cushing Lake, Maza Bay, Open Bay and Sawmill Bay. There are also some outpost cabins on Lac des Mille Lacs and surrounding lakes including on Baril Bay and Moosetrack Lake.

North of Upsala, 30 miles (50 km) up the Graham Road is Wawang Lake. Wawang Lake is 5,000 acres with miles of irregular shoreline, with sand bars, shoals, weed beds and islands - perfect for exciting fishing. Wawang Lake is known for its trophy walleye and northern.

Hunting and Fishing Resorts in the Upsala Region