Canoeing in Wabakimi Provincial Park

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Paddle 12,000 Lakes in Wabakimi

As one of the largest Provincial Parks in Ontario, Wabakimi is a paradise for paddlers and for those who love camping out in the wilderness. Almost the size of the State of Connecticut, Wabakimi has no roads going into it so you know an authentic wilderness paddling trip awaits you. A park that big means you need to plan dozens of trips just to see part of it. The thousands of Canadian Shield lakes have incredible shorelines of granite, rugged and perfect for gazing at as you paddle by.

The park has over 2,000 kilometers of lake and river routes, mostly flatwater but there are some challenging whitewater sections. Along these routes you'll find over 500 backcountry campsites where you can stay overnight or for a few days. Walleye and pike fishing are incredibly good and there are many trophy-sized fish reported caught each year. Wildlife is abundant with moose, black bear, wolves, foxes and the rare woodland caribou living within the park boundaries so make sure you bring your camera! 

Wabakimi has mostly flatwater paddling but there are some good stretches of whitewater

Contact an Outfitter

There are several outfitters offering guided or un-guided wilderness trips into Wabakimi. Contact them and you'll be well on your way to the trip of a lifetime!

Canoe Outfitters in Wabakimi Provincial Park