Motorcycling in Sunset Country

For riders looking to experience true Canadian wilderness, pristine open roads, and epic wildlife viewing, there’s no better option than the Heart of Canada Touring Route in Sunset Country. The new route in Central Canada is the stuff road trip dreams are made of. Stretching from Winnipeg, Manitoba in the west to Thunder Bay, Ontario in the east, and just north of the Minnesota border, this 1,500-kilometer route in the shape of a figure 8 offers an unrivalled opportunity for motorcyclists. Start from any point along the route and make the trip your own. We recommend taking about a week to explore. 

Motorcycle touring in Northwestern Ontario

Why Discover Sunset Country By Motorcycle?


Motorcycle Touring in Ontario - Destination Ontario


Explore Our Sample Sunset Country Itinerary for Motorcyclists


This 4-day itinerary offers a relaxed and immersive experience for any rider—and it’s easily adaptable depending on your interests.

Bring your fishing gear, a tent, and a sense of adventure—and get ready to enjoy the epic, scenic roadways of Northwestern Ontario. For more information, check out this first-person account of what it’s like to ride Sunset Country. Safe travels and enjoy the ride!