White Otter Lake in Sunset Country

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Catch Giant Lake Trout in White Otter Lake

White Otter lake, located NW of Atikokan and south of Ignace is a relatively well-known lake in Ontario's Sunset Country. It is best known for producing lake trout up to 40 pounds and over 45 inches long. the lake is also the location of the famous "White Otter Castle"  a structure built in the early 1900s by a local trapper for his bride that promised to marry him but never showed up. In addition to lake trout, White Otter lake also supports populations of walleye and northern pike.

This lake is adjacent to Clearwater West Lake and you can fish both lakes if you are in the area. There are a number of accommodations on Clearwater West and around Atikokan most people stay at when they fish White Otter. The area is also a popular canoeists destination as it is situated along the Turtle River/White Otter Wilderness corridor.

Some Facts About White Otter Lake

  • Fish Species The lake is know for its giant lake trout but you can also catch walleye and northern pike. Area lakes also offer whitefish, perch and bass.
  • Did You Know... White Otter Lake is the location where the Ontario record catch and release (ice fishing) lake trout was caught - the fish weighed 40 pounds.
  • A Paddler's Paradise The Turtle River-White Otter Wilderness route offers paddlers a unique paddling experience and outstanding fishing. Many campsites can be found along the route.
  • Poor Jimmy McQuot He was the trapper, who in 1917 built a three-story "castle" for his bride who unfortunately, decided not to show up. The structure still stands today.