Crooked Pine Lake off Highway 71

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Vacations on Kakabikitchiwan (Crooked Pine) Lake

If you've ever driven through Nestor Falls then you've seen Kakabikitchiwan - also called Crooked Pine - Lake. It is the outflow of this lake that creates the scenic Falls at Nestor Falls and during the spring, the falls roar with the spring runoff. This is a very scenic lake that has good accommodations and also is the location of a float plane base. 

The nice thing about staying on Crooked Pine Lake is that you can fish it or trailer your boat across Highway 71 and fish Lake of the Woods too - the best of both worlds! Crooked Pine has very scenic and rugged shoreline topography so a leisurely paddle is well worth the effort to see the beauty this lake offers. 

Facts About Crooked Pine Lake

  • Location Located right off Highway 71 in the community of Nestor Falls, Ontario
  • Fish Species In addition to walleye, pike and bass, Crooked pine Lake offers anglers the delicious black crappie. This fish is available in only a few lakes so consider yourself lucky becausE they taste so good!
  • Did You Know... Crooked Pine Lake feeds the Falls but did you know that the bay below Nestor Falls on Lake of the Woods is a fish Sanctuary until the third week of June, each year.