Canyon Lake, Ontario, Canada

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Fish Incredible Canyon Lake in Ontario

Canyon Lake is one of the most interesting of all the lakes in Northwestern Ontario. Not only does it have excellent muskie, walleye and bass fishing, its long, linear shape makes it super easy to fish! Endless structure and countless small bays mean you'll never have trouble locating where the fish are.

Facts About Canyon Lake

  • Fish Species: Walleye, Muskie, Northern Pike, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Whitefish
  • GPS Coordinates 49.983677, -93.663670
  • Lake Characteristics Max. Depth: 98 Feet, 62 miles of shoreline, 14,000 acres
  • Did You Know... Canyon Lake is known for its large number of muskies - which means there are very few northern pike in this lake - an anomaly for Northwestern Ontario.

Fishing Canyon Lake

Be prepared to catch a lot of walleye in the 16 to 20" range when you fish Canyon Lake in Sunset Country, Ontario, Canada. Crankbaits work as do a simple jig and minnow/leech set-up. Canyon Lake is also one of the most productive muskie lakes anywhere in Ontario consistently producing large numbers in the 40 to 45" range. Make sure you bring some top-water baits so you can watch the muskie hammer them at the surface.

Accommodations on Canyon Lake

McIntosh Lodge, Canyon Lake Lodge and North Country Lodge are the places to stay on Canyon Lake. All lodges offer housekeeping packages where you do your own cooking. You can also rent a fully-equipped fishing boat. Access some of Ontario's best fishing waters from these lodges.