Camping Lake, Ontario

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Fish Camping Lake in Ontario's Sunset Country

Camping Lake is located on the English River System and offers excellent fishing for a variety of species. Walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike and muskie are available. The rocky Canadian shoreline is spectacular and you will experience what fishing in Canada is all about. This lake has excellent structure with many reefs, saddles and humps. 

Facts About Camping Lake

  • Fish Species Walleye, Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Perch
  • GPS Coordinates 50.609464, -93.381834
  • Lake Characteristics Many sheltered bays and rocky structures to fish
  • Did You Know... Camping Lake is one of the larger lakes on the English River System

Fishing on Camping Lake

Bring a wide variety of tackle with you to full appreciate the fishing experience Camping Lake offers. As a large lake along the English River System, Camping Lake is home to many species of fish and you may catch a number of different fish species on the same day. The fishing is better than excelllent and you won't belive the number of walleye in this part of Ontario. It is truly a trophy fishery.

Accommodations on Camping Lake

JR's Portage Bay Camp is located directly on Camping Lake and other lodges in the region also access the lake on occassion. It's easy to find good accommodations and fish this lake. 

Find A Place to Stay on Camping Lake