Fish Antenna Lake

Located north of Lac Seul in Ontario's Sunset Country, Antenna Lake gets its name from its antenna-like shape. The lake is fly-in access only and offers good fishing for walleye and northern pike. Antenna Lake runs in a north/south direction and is over a mile wide and around 4 miles long. Clarks Resorts and Outposts operates the sole outpost on this lake so if you stay there, you'll have the lake all to yourself. A true wilderness fishing experience. 

Outpost cabin on Antenna Lake in Northwestern Ontario

See a map of Antenna Lake.

Facts About Antenna Lake

  • Location Latitude: 50.585828 N Longitude: -92.031371 W
  • Fish Species Walleye and northern pike
  • Fly-in Access Only Clarks Resorts and Outposts has the only outpost cabin on the lake and it is 46 miles north of their float plane base.