Catch Big Trout on Anishinabi Lake

One of the premier lake trout lakes in northwestern Ontario, if you love fishing for lakers then you'll just love Anishinabi Lake! In addition to lake trout, you can also catch some nice northern pike in Anishiabi. Located close by are portage lakes offering tasty walleye. Anishinabi has extremely rugged shorelines with big, rocky cliffs, studded with pines, birch and aspen. The lake is truly beautiful and a sight to see unto itself. Anishiabi Fly-in Lodge, operated by Clark's Outposts, has the lodge and a couple of outpost cabins on the lake. 

Lake trout fishing on Anishinabi Lake

See a map of Anishinabi Lake.

Some Facts about Anishinabi Lake

  • Location Latitude: 50.440073 N Longitude: -93.458557 W
  • Fish Species Anishinabi is famous for lake trout. In addition the lake has northern pike. Nearby lakes offer walleye fishing.
  • Where to Stay You have the choice of staying at Anishinabi Lodge or at one of their outposts located on the lake.

Where to Stay on Anishinabi Lake