Action Lake, Ontario, Canada

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Outpost Fishing on Action Lake

If you want non-stop action for walleye and northern pike then Action Lake in Ontario's Sunset Country is the place to go. Here you have a chance at catching a trophy-sized fish in addition to the smaller ones to eat. This lake certainly lives up to its name and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Facts About Action Lake

  • Fish Species Walleye, Northern Pike
  • GPS Coordinates 52°19'43.0"N 94°36'26.0"W
  • Lake Characteristics Action Lake is known for its rocky structure and large weed beds providing ideal habitat for walleye and northern
  • Did You Know... Showalter's outpost on Action lake is the ONLY cabin on this entire chain of lakes

Fishing on Action Lake

As the name of the lake implies, you'll experience non-stop action on Action Lake! The lake is home to some enormous pike so make sure you bring equipment sufficient to handle these big, toothy creatures. Jigs and live bait work best for the walleye but you can catch them almost as easily using plastics and even crank baits. 

Accommodations on Action Lake

Showalter's has the only outpost cabin on Action Lake and it is a beautiful cabin at that! With a screened-in porch overlooking the lake, the views are simply incredible. Knotty pine interior gives it that added Canadian touch and it has modern cooking appliances and reliable boats and motors for the guests to use. There are two portage lakes close by.

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