History Unfolds Before Your Eyes

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A Lot Can Happen in 10,000 Years

Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country is a relatively young landscape, thousands of lakes left behind the by the retreating glaciers from the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. There are indications of early human habitation in the region dating back close to a thousand years and much of the landscape is the same way now as it was then. Yet history is everywhere around you, and there are many attractions to see while visiting the region.

We definitely recommend you try to stop into as many local museums as possible. There you'll find interpretive exhibits of the region's indigenous European settlers in the late 18th Century. This was fur country for sure so there are artifacts from the fur trade, from the region's forestry and mining history and much more. Some communities have historical wall murals painted on businesses in town. If historical attractions are something that interests you, you'll find lots to see in Ontario's Sunset Country.

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