Fawcett Lake, Ontario, Canada

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Fly-in Fishing on Fawcett Lake

Fawcett Lake is a remote fly-in only lake that is less than 100 air miles north of Sioux Lookout. The lake is part of the Cat River System and connects with Gull Lake to the west and Zionz Lake to the north. The lake is roughly 3 miles by 4 miles in size. 

Facts About Fawcett Lake

  • Fish Species Walleye, Northern Pike
  • GPS Coordinates N 51° 20' 20.796'' W 91° 49' 1.527''
  • Lake Characteristics The lake is a dark lake and is 3x4 miles
  • Did You Know... There's awesome fishing where the river flows out of the lake

Fishing on Fawcett Lake

Being a remote, fly-in lake, the fishing for walleye and northern pike is phenomenal. Occasionally in the Spring, there may be a lake trout or two, but mainly anglers fish for walleye and northerns. There are islands, rocky point, weed beds and even some rapids, giving you plenty of places to fish. 

Cabin Rentals on Fawcett Lake

There are currently only 2 outpost cabins on Fawcett Lake. You can fly into the lake from either near Vermilion Bay or Sioux Lookout. There is no road access and these lakes are strictly fly-in access only. 

Find an Outpost on Fawcett Lake